Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Chy Chy

This post is for our good friend Jenn Baker. Whom we only know on line, and already love dearly.

She lost her best pal, her dog Chy.

I can't even write this, without getting upset myself. Thinking about the furry friends I have lost, and imagining saying goodbye to the ones I have now.

I can't express my sympathies, and empathies enough, Jenn.

My heart is with you.

jenn, I hope you don't mind me posting this picture.
I think she's got her halo. :-)

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Melissa said...

I am sorry to hear this :( Pets are the hardest people to lose - because they love you unconditionally. My deepest sympathies, Jenn. said...

Thank you for this. I know I said I'd wait until bedtime to read it... but I did not.

She was the best dog. Has been my best friend, my mother and my daughter for the last nine and a half years. I wanted her to stick around for another five but she had other plans... and she is the boss and I'm not allowed to argue.

This is crazy, but I miss the hairballs. She had SO much fur and she shed like crazy year round. I've never cared, I've always loved her and every aspect of her, even the shedding. And man, when I would bathe her, she'd going into SUPER SHEDDING MODE!!! Maybe it was to punish me for the bath... Since the day she died I've only had hair ball to pick up. It sucks.

I had her cremated and the vet put a rush on it so I got her back last friday. It's good to have her home... I'll take her in whatever form I can.

So I've been busy getting her shrine together. I'm going to set up a shelf of my entertainment center with her and her pictures and maybe her collar... depends on if I can take it out of the car. Whatever little pieces of her that I can keep with me.

Melissa - she did love me "mostly" unconditionally. She did not love me very much when I would clip her nails... she didn't appreciate that very much and was quite the spoiled brat about it... :D She would also trade me, in a heartbeat, for steak. I'm not saying she wouldn't feel lousy about it afterwards, I'm just saying she would have done it. :D