Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Adoption Day, House!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the day Joel and I bought our house!

We love our house. I NEVER, ever, eveeeer thought I'd be able to afford a house. I thought I'd live in an apartment forever. When Joel and I combine forces though... anything is possible! We bought our first house, and we've been so proud of it ever since.

Every day, as I stroll down the driveway from the mailbox... I look up at my house, and I smile. I've never taken it for granted. And I hope I never do.

So, happy Anniversary, 7 Summit!

(again, not low-carb related, but I hope y'all don't mind!)

3 refreshing comments: said...

Love it! DH and I have been in this house for 2 years too. I wish I could say I contributed, but he bought it on his own. I reap the benefits (and he really bought it b/c I wanted it! :D)

On le puppeh note - I found a girl. She's gorgeous, tri color, Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We decided to keep breeding rights. I'm sooo excited!!!

Chai Latté said...

OMG! A corgi friend!!! :-) I want a billion pictures!
She and Chai can be pen-corgs!


Patty said...

Chai, it's a beautiful house! We want to buy a new house, if we EVER can sell this one...

BTW, you got "tagged!" :-)