Thursday, September 25, 2008

I did it. :)

Back under 200lbs! Yesterday after work was a book camp night, exercise and food-wise. We got to Chai's place and I hopped on the treadmill. instead of my normal just get on and go, I changed it up with some interval type stuff. I jogged at a steady 5mph for a bit to get warmed up, upped it to 6mph for one minute, then 7mph for one minute and lastly 8mph for one minute and then slowed it back down. I did that cycle about 3 times. I ended up jogging 2.5 miles in about 30minutes. I had slowed down to 4.0mph for walking to bring my heart rate down before cycling back up to the higher speeds. After the treadmill Chai and I did one of her workout dvd's and that thing kicked my ass! especially after the treadmill, those squats and stuff beat the hell out of my legs. They're pretty sore today. All in all though, great workout, and it was much needed. I've got to get doing this stuff more often.

3 refreshing comments:

Chai Latté said...

hehe very little fanfare for Onederland! When I hit it, I'm throwing a freakin' PARADE!!


Good job! GREAT job on the treadmill1

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

with a fatty float and everything? Maybe have Corg'ems be the parade queen. haha

Lori said...

Great job! Keep it up!