Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Importance of Reading Labels

If there is one thing I have learned from my low-carb experience so far, it's that you should NEVER ASSUME. (or you'll make a fat-ass out of u, and me!)
This applies very heavily to nutritional information. Don't ever assume that something is low carb just because it should be. Pre-packaged foods have WAY more ingredients than what you'd make it with at home.

For example, bottled pesto often contains potato flakes as a thickener. Vanilla extract can contain corn syrup. It's all these little things!

And, of course, I learned a lesson this weekend about paying attention to serving sizes . Luckily, it was in my favor! But still, I felt stupid for getting it wrong.
My sausage links are 1g per serving. I thought 1 sausage was serving, but it's actually 2. So, I'd been counting 5g for my usual breakfast, when it is actually 4g.

So remember! LOOK at EVERY label. Brand to brand is SO different (just look at tomato sauces, oi!), so pay attention!

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