Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wwwwwweird Science

My body is freak. Yesterday (and mostly all of last week) - 240.5 to 241.5 was the general consensus. This morning? 236.5. Now, I LOVE that number, so I hope it stays!
In 19 lbs I will be down 50lbs. I am trying sooo hard to get there as soon as possible!
Then, 6lbs later, I will be HALF way to my goal weight.

I am ready, already! Losing weight is... exciting, but it also kinda sucks.
I mean, there is no basis to complain, since what I am doing for my body, and myself, is amazing and nothing but good. But still... it's like puberty. It's like walking around in an obvious and awkward stage. It's like a long limbo.

My clothes don't fit, but I can't just go buy new ones every 5lbs. I have less time for friends and family because I'm making exercise a priority. I'm always thinking about it. It is all consuming.... and I feel it has to be. You gotta be IN it, to win it. Or so they say.

I guess my point of this entry is... I may have lost a pound. (or technically, FOUR pounds, but I only count virgin fat!)

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

thats great! I believe the lower weight. You can't weigh less than you do. You can weigh more, from fluctuations, but you can't weigh in at 236 when you're really 240 unless your scale is broken. :) So, GREAT JOB!

Chai Latté said...

thanks! I *believe* the weight, I just know that it won't stay!

My way of losing weight seems to consistently be - Lose 4, gain 3. :-) I'm happy, cause I'll still be down 1. But, I don't like to get too attached to the low numbers! :-)

Regardless, I am HAPPY!