Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Low-Carb Pizza! at laaaast!

I've been wanting to try one of the many low-carb pizza recipes for awhile.. but you know... the recipe has to be SIMPLE. I don't like too many steps! And all the ones I'd seen needed ricing of cauliflower, dicing of zucchini, hunting down of some expensive, exotic flour. Well, today I saw this recipe on LCF and I knew it was the one to try!

Easy Peasy!
So, I mix it all together, (added some extra seasonings too, of cooourse)
And I plop it on the pan...

Then, I spread it around, to resemble a pizza.

Popped it in the oven...

Viola! crust!!

Then, I mixed up some of my own sauce (tomato sauce, hot sauce, spices, sprinkled some feta, mozzarella, and pepperonis on top. Baked it for a couple more minutes.
And, OMG! Pizza!

It's sliceable!

And pick-up-able!

I'll let you know tomorrow if it's leftoverable! :-)

EDIT : I had the leftovers for breakfast. They were definitely leftoverable, AND microwavable! YUMABLE!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

Think I'm going to have to try that recipe

Chai Latté said...

it is so crazy good!