Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Official Review of Whey Low

I've been trialling Whey Low sweetener for awhile now. And I feel like I can give it a proper opinion.

I like it. I don't love it. I barely use it.

Basically.. right out of the packet, it tastes like sugar. Which, is the sole purpose of a sweetener, right? So that is awesome. But, when you add it to anything it gets completely lost. I just put 4 packets in my 10oz cup of coffee, and it's about as sweet as 1 packet of Splenda. It has more carbs than Splenda per packet... so that's definitely not a good thing.

The one thing that I love it for, is to top my one-minute muffins. I make the muffin using Splenda, or Stevia. and then I sprinkle some whey low on top. This gives the super sweet, sugary muffin top that we all know and love. :-)

I appreciate that it is all natural. But basically... I'm not that concerned with chemicals in my food. I want it to taste good, and not make me gain weight!

They do, however, have an insanely cute website and I'd be curious to try their brown sugar.

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