Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A new approach

I just decided, that I should write down the plan for my typical going-all-out work out. The kind that I like to do when I have lots of time for a work out. And then break it down into like 15-20 minute segments, and just do one segment a day, so I get one whole body work out in per week.. but it never takes too much time.

So, Here are the exercises I like to do. Fatty is gonna help me break it down into a comprehensive list of mini work outs.
(Fatty, can you recommend reps? or should I just do a certain exercise for a certain amount of time?)

Bottom, to top -

Calf Raises
Push Ups
Bicep Curl
Bench Press (with free weights)
Tricep Curl(?) Dunno what that is called
What other upper body ones can I do with free weights?

Burpees (eep)
Jumping Jacks

And, as time allows, I'd like to work in some pilates, and other fitness DVD's, as well as my recently neglected Wii Fit.

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

could you please explain a burpee to me again?

Chai Latté said...


You start standing up, crouch down, jump your legs back (so you're in like, a push-up position). Jump your legs back in, and hop up. Its so hard! Here's a video that demonstrates it!


Lori said...

A great site for workouts is www.trainwithmeonline.com - tons of free weight exercises to choose from.