Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Go

I was fairly positive that today was the day I'd break into the 230's.
I FELT it! 1/2lb is all it took!

Well, I took that 1/2lb, and applied it directly to my thigh.

240.5, NOT 239.5! :-(

I don't know WHY I felt so sure that I'd lose it today.
I guess 'cause I've been so exceptionally good this week, I felt like I needed to be rewarded.

Oh well. Maybe next week....

Also, I feel like a steamy pile of dung today. My legs are SO sore that I can barely walk, and I think my boss gave me the cold he had yesterday. Put it together, and I am just a saaaad bunny.

Oh well. Gotta go bring Z to day care!:-)

Hope everyone else has a better day than me!

4 refreshing comments:

Lori said...

When you start a new strength training program, you will retain water for some period of time - so that is likely what you are experiencing. I am going through the same thing right now.
Make sure you take measurements, as those will change over a month even if the scale doesn't.

Hang in there!

Vikki said...

If your that sore you may have some inflammation too. Especially if your got a cold. That can sure account for at least part of the gain, and all that new muscle your developing is heavier than fat.

I wish my body only fluctuated by a pound or two, mine is a good 5 up and down.

Chai Latté said...


It's funny, before low carb, my normal daily flucuation was 8-10lbs, without fail. Now, I only flucuate up to 2 or 3lbs. Weird!

I'm not really concerned that i *gained* half a pound.. I'm just concerned that I am SO prone to these long stalls!

Vikki said...

Me too, I've been in this one for a year now, don't get me wrong I've had some completely out of control days and even weeks in that year. But even when I'm perfect I've not been about to go below my lowest which was back in October of last year. But I keep plugging away. Eventually I'll find the secret or my body will decide it's hung on to the fat. it loves so much, long enough and I'll lose some more. In the mean time, I don't feel sick at my stomach all the time, I'm not so tired I can't move, I don't walk around in a fog not even knowing what day it is. Life is much better for me on low carb, even if I never lose another pound. But good grief I couldn't stand that either...giggle Take care