Friday, October 10, 2008

Other things?

Most times... it feels like nothing else exists except losing weight. I've touched on this before, about how I am pretty consumed by it. For the most part, I like that. But I've discovered this week, that distraction also helps.

Not that I've been losing, mind you. (Trust me, you'll know it when I am!) But I've been so busy at work and home this week, that my diet has been on autopilot. And you know what? It WORKS. I used to think that it had to be the forefront of thought of my every waking hour. Because, if I slipped in intention, I'd slip in practice, right?
But I think I've gotten to the point where, I'm comfortable with what I am eating—I am conscious without being obsessed.

I'm simply . . . living it.

I've been SO productive at work this week, and it's incredible how much better that makes me feel about my day. I have an almost overwhelming amount of work to do at home (Grandma-in-law is coming to visit for the first time, AHCK!), but that's OK. I'm a procrastinator, but I always get it done!

I've got too much to do, in a short time, but I'm OK with it. I just need to realize how much I actually have under control. Like, my eating. And begin to focus on other things. I am going to lose weight. It's impossible for me not to.

I am slowly figuring out how to LIVE MY LIFE in the process.

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Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

What amazes me is how much BETTER I feel when I'm eating LC. When I was on my month long binge, I *had* to drink a Tall Coffee (whatever the oz's equal to) every day between 2-4 pm just to be able to stay awake until 9pm. Otherwise I was napping as of 5pm.

Yup yup, LC rawks!!!