Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Aggravation, Frustration, and Impatience.

That's what I should change my name to!

I just measured myself, thinking maybe the scale is just being stubborn. But Mr. Tapemeasure seems to think I gained about 4 inches (cumulative). Isn't that just LOVELY?

I've never measured after a work out before, so maybe my muscles are just all swolleny from being so buff :-) right? :-)

one word.


2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

I'd have to agree with that assumption. I know that after I'm hot and sweaty, or after a hot shower, or just generally after the day, I am larger than I am when I first wake up. I have no idea what sleep does to you, but you're definitely a little tighter in the morning :)

Melissa said...

also, i'd like to add that i'm not sure how you could possibly have gained inches, either, because to me, you've been looking skinnier!