Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I failed!

Nooo need to get alarmed, I didn't sit on my dumper and spoon feed myself ice cream until I couldn't move. I didn't even make peanut butter cup pizza(which almost sounds delicious!). What I failed at is.... dun dun dunnnnnn The push up challenge we were all so amped up about. I let myself and all of you down. I completely just stopped doing them. I was thinking about it because I want to try and start getting more exercise in. So my task to myself last night was to do a bunch of push ups. Just some stuff I can do around my apartment. I ended up with a total of 50 before bedtime. Not a ton, but a good start to coming back. My roommate walks over and said "Oh, you starting that push up challenge again?". It kind of made me want to hang my head and do even more push ups. Of course, I physically can't do a whole lot in a row. I'm too weak. So I'm starting fresh. Not the actual challenge, just a personal one. To actually keep up with some form of exercise.

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