Monday, November 10, 2008

Now you see!

Joel and I were going out to dinner with our friend on Saturday to our new favorite fancy restaurant. Joel was remembering how when we took his Grandma there, all I did for an hour beforehand was complain about having nothing to wear.
Being the strangely awesome man that he is, he demanded that this time, we go shopping and by me a new dress to wear to dinner.

Since he is a man, and an average-sized one at that, he is obviously used to walking in a store, picking up some pants, and buying them. That is not how it is with plus sized ladies. He was in for a rude awakening.

Multiple stores later, and NOTHING in my size, we continued on to the last in a long line of department stores. This one had some dresses, but only went up to a size 16.
And I, my friends, am a solid 18.
He was getting frustrated that I hadn't even tried anything on, so I grabbed a handful of 16's and headed to the dressing room.

I came out empty handed. And I promptly told him what I'd discovered.
I am most certainly NOT a 16 yet.

It was the least fruitful shopping trip I'd ever been on. Not ONE bag in my hand, not one receipt in my purse. Nothing.

Once at home, I tried on every dress and skirt and fancy top that I own, in multiple combinations.

I ended up in exactly what Joel and I were trying to avoid - Jeans.
But hey, they are classy, dark wash wide leg jeans. Don't judge.
And a silk top, crop cardigan, and a cashmere scarf. I looked fine, but not super fancy.
Then our friend shows up. And he's wearing a track suit jacket and cargo pants.

SWEET. :-)

Joel definitely saw how annoying it can be for us fat ladies to find clothes though.
He said the same thing that we all say "isn't it 'average' for people to be overweight? Should the majority of clothes be larger sizes, not the other way around?"

But just like everything for me, it's really double sided.
I SO badly wish I could find cute, affordable, trendy clothes in my size.
But I am also glad that I can't, it's just one more thing to encourage me to STAY this size. I love clothes so much, that fitting into "normal" ones is SUCH a motivation for me. Even though it's so damn frustrating trying to look (feel) decent at this weight.

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Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Well we do live in one of the "skinniest" states in the nation. But maybe since a lot of people are overweight, that's why there's never any clothes, they can't keep 'em in stock. ;) It's like me trying to find shoes that fit. I'm lucky if a store has 5 pair in my size, let alone something I like the looks of.

Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

I get seriously annoyed when people seem to think that all female chunks want to dress like they are 70 years old. All knit tops and matching pants.


I'd rather go nude.

I really, truly, have one store that I buy jeans, dress pants, etc from and I just "shop around" for shirts. I pick up what I can when I find it.

If you want super cute, try

Their stuff on sale is an almost decent price, but as far as hot for chunks like me, it RAWKS! :D

Vikki said...

I'm not the least torn, there should be cute sexy cloths for all of us. While it is not my wish to stay this size, those that do should have cute clothes and those of us on our way down could really use the boost to our self esteem being able to look good while we're losing.
Ok off my soapbox. I'm glad you found something cute to wear and I'm hoping you will soon be in that 16 and then all the way down to your goal.
Good luck, keep up the good work,