Friday, November 7, 2008

What is up with my tummy tum?

My tummy has been angry for a couple weeks now. Not like nausea, like poops.

There is obviously something I have been eating that is upsetting it.
I thought, that maybe it was my new favorite - the low carb bread. It is intensely high in fiber. But fiber has never really caused any problems for me.

Since I am eating mainly induction foods, that means none of that bread. So, I'll see if it is the problem. I dunno. It's really not nice. I'm all gas-bubbly on the inside, and pooping twice a day.

I know you all love to hear about this :-)

In other news... I am SO freakin' glad that it is FRIDAY. This was a long week, and I am over it!

Happy Friday, peeps!

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