Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Calories : 1,481

Carbs :
Fiber :
(Net Carbs : 28)

Splenda : 2 packets in AM, 1/3 of a Diet Coke @ lunch
Caffeine : 1 coffee in AM
Cups of water : 7
Exercise : 50 minutes

Thoughts :

I got home from work and immediately wanted to EAT. I couldn't resist the urge, so I ate some broccoli slaw, which was supposed to go with my dinner. And then I made brussel sprouts to go with dinner instead. Ended up fine for calories and carbs, but it's still frustrating to feel that urge to binge, and then to give in to it is SO aggravating. I think I did well though, only eating 5oz of broccoli slaw, instead of the fifty other things I could have eaten.

I wrote down my new commandments (as posted yesterday), and I stuck them to the fridge. Reminders are good!

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