Thursday, December 4, 2008


Calories : 1,691

Carbs : 37
Fiber : 15
(Net Carbs : 22)

Splenda : 2 packets, 2 diet cokes
Caffeine : 1 coffee, 2 diet cokes
Cups of water : 6
Exercise : 60 minutes

Thoughts :
Another high calorie day, but good and low on carbs. I am not hugely concerned with calories in general, as long as they are consistently below 1800. But I do hope that they tend to fall closer to the 1400-1500 range. So, we'll see about that. I had another very cheesy day, which puts the calories through the roof! The work out plan for tonight was supposed to be lower-body work out, but I was having a bad knee day, so we switched it up and did some more boxing, with a couple push ups thrown in. I did some calf raises too. (30)

Boxing was fun, again. It's so hard, and makes me sweat so fast, it's amazing! My gloves are getting stinky already, and I swear that must be a good sign! :-)

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