Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Calories : 1,573

Carbs : 45
Fiber : 13
(Net Carbs : 32)

Splenda : 4 packets
Caffeine : 2 coffees
Cups of water : 6
Exercise : 15 minutes

Thoughts :

I was a little high on carbs and calories today. It came from too much cheese. I am so glad I am recording all my food again, I am hoping to find a pattern somewhere that shows why I am not losing.

I only did 15 minutes of exercise today, BUT I am very proud of myself for it. I stayed at work until 8pm, came home and ate dinner. I watched the Biggest Loser and wanted to go right to bed afterwards. But instead, I grabbed the Pilates DVD that I got from Netflix and did a 15 minute routine.

It is so extremely satisfying when you feel like you are doing everything right. I know that this feeling wears off, when I stop losing weight... but to hit a motivation spurt like I am in is SO necessary to keep me on track right now. It feels so nice!

**Shout out to Melissa, for doing her Wii Fit today! Proud!**

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Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

Cheese is evil! Seriously!

I was actually losing pretty good until I starting making Cheese Broccoli soup.

Of course that's also when I hit the mysterious 260 mark again. :D

Meh, take it as it comes, right?

Good job logging your foods. It does give you a sense of control over things. And yeah after I log for a couple of weeks I see trends.

My most recent trend is I seem to be carb cycling, naturally, and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. But I get 25-30g carbs per day for 2 days and the following day I'll usually get 10-12g carbs.

I'm really eating what I want, not denying myself anything. It's odd.

Good luck, I hope you find your achilles heel.

Chai Latté said...

Yeah it's weird, because, I eat a lot of cheese. So I thought maybe it was the culprit, and I cut it out for about 2 weeks, and no difference. So who knows. Since I am pretty much limiting everything now, I'll (hopefully) see what the problem is.

I am, however, down a few lbs from the 241 I'd be hovering around. My 10lb challenge is from 238, so according to that, I'm down 1lb! :-)
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Melissa said...

yay me!

Ammy said...

Speaking of recording food...
Dr Mike Eades (who does the Protein Power Plan) has been taking a photo diary of his food...he started 12/1.
It's an interesting visit into the food-life of a LC diet promoter!

Melissa said...

I just checked out the photo diary, that is a FABULOUS idea. way too much time for me, but i think on one of my perfect days it might be nice to do! Shannon, you should do this once a week!

Vikki said...

Yeah you for standing your ground and doing your exercise. In my book those days the exercise counts double... at least in my world they do...giggle
Keep up the great work,