Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do not worry!

I haven't posted my last couple days worth of meal info, but it's ok!
I am still tracking, I just thought i'd spare you :-)

Things are good. All my rules have been easy to follow, except limiting caffeine to one serving a day. I seem to average 2 instead. I'm OK with that. It means 1 coffee in the AM, and 1 diet soda at lunch time.

Didn't do much fun stuff this weekend. I worked at the office all day yesterday and today and still didn't get everything done. Such is life!

Well, nothing to report... time for bed, I gotta get up early to get into work extra early . . . even though it feels like I just left!

Admittedly, though . . . I do enjoy having a lot of work to do. So, don't pity me :-)

Oh! And, as of today, I have exercised SEVEN days in row! I haven't done that in a while.. I hope I can keep it up!!

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Melissa said...

Woo Hoo, 7 days! :) I did that ONCE, when we were going to the gym all the time, and then I crashed.

I miss the gym. But I like having the extra cash going towards my wedding album more.