Saturday, December 6, 2008

So disappointing.

I was looking for something in my closet last night. I didn't find it. But I did come across the dress I wore for my sister's wedding, it reminded me that her TWO year anniversary was just a couple weeks ago. Two years ago I wore this size 18 dress with extra panels sewn in because it didn't fit. Two years ago I wanted to look beautiful for my sister's big day. I was the only bridesmaid wearing a jacket over my dress to disguise my gigantic flubbery arms.
I started to think about how good I've eaten, and how hard I've worked out this past year. Surely, I've come so far.
So, I did exactly what I should not have. I tried it on.

Expecting it to gap, and flop, and fall of me. Before putting it on, I noticed the inside, the seams were stressed and nearly busted.

I zipped it up, and it was just as snug and sausagey as it had been that night. I was so embarrassed and disappointed.

But today, it's fine. Today, I am just looking forward to the day that I zip it up, and it falls to the floor.

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Melissa said...


October said...

I have a dress like that. It's the one that I wore to my grandfather's funeral. Little black dress that even though is still much smaller than I am now, I wore a jacket with because I was embarrassed of my arms. When I look at it in my closet I dream of being small enough to fit into it again. I think I will always be embarrassed of my arms, no matter how small I get. Skin just doesn't go back after being too big for too long.
Cheer up girl, we are both dreaming for a similar thing and we will both, in time, get there!

Lori said...

:hugs: Keep at it. Never give up. If losing weight and keeping it off was easy, everyone would be thin.

Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...


You're on the right track! Keep your chin up!