Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ew dresses

I don't have much time to update today (sorry!). I am busy busy!

But anyway, last night I set out to go dress shopping for my impending company christmas party on Friday. What a nightmare!

I know you've all heard the - I'm a big girl so I can't find clothes in my size - complaint before. But man, is it TRUE. All dresses in the department stores went up to size 16. And I, my friends, am an 18.

I ended up buying a simple black dress in a size 16. I don't love it. I don't really even like it. But, I needed something, and it seemed pretty apparent that I wasn't going to find something I actually liked.

I honestly, truly, earnestly, cannot wait until I can buy "normal" size clothes, so I can wear something I love for once.

We get very few chances in a year to get dressed up, and girls want to actually feel like they look GOOD. I have never felt that way. :-/

I did, however, score the most gorgeous off-white Alfani capelet for 65% off. It almost seemed like Macy's little apology for not having any good dresses. ;-)

4 refreshing comments:

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

lol I don't even know what a caplet is.... but at least they had one in your size. ;)

Chai Latté said...

LOL. Boys! :-)

A capelet is a "short cape" basically, it's a coat, but with no sleeves.

October said...

I bet you will look gorgeous. The off the rack clothes days are just around the corner!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

hahahaha it's a cape-let. Does it help you fly?