Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Five more

Workouts are so much easier done in sets. Did a bunch of good core workouts last night, in between a couple different exercises, I said okay Chai, five more of the first exercise! We did, then went into the next exercise. good stuff. :) Worked out some good combinations with the focus mitts and boxing gloves. It's amazing how awkward it is to try and lead/jab with your dominant side forward(South paw for me). It's also pretty crazy how you can try and punch as fast as you can, and it still seems insanly slow. I did a few upper body exercises too, some curls, push ups, tricep extensions, stuff like that. Next time, it's mostly lower body workouts, and more cardio, and probably a bit more core work.

I ate pretty clean yesterday, minus my caffeine. I need to start watching my eating habits more closely again. I actually gained about 2.0 lbs in the last month... :(

Thanks Chai, for helping to reel me back in.

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