Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In yo' face Wii Fit

After a good cardio workout last night, I weighed in on the Wii Fit, who told me that I'd gained 2.4lbs. Whatevs, I say, I don't believe a word he says!
So this morning, I weigh in on my regular scale, and I am actually DOWN 1/2lb.
So I am convinced that Wii Fit lies to me to make me work harder. I see through you, Wii Fit!!

Anyways, 236.5 today. Which is nice... back to my lowest low yet. I am SO determined to get into the 220's. SOON. I just need to keep working out like I have been, and keep tracking my foods. I am SURE this is the combo that I need to drop some more poundage.

I am buying plane tickets today. And I am constantly thinking about how painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable my last (and only) trip on a plane was. I need to lose as much weight as I possibly can before then to counteract that, even just a little.

For me, traveling is the scariest, most anxiety-ridden thing I can do and I know that my weight makes it even worse. So, anything to help, you know?

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October said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I've avoided the Wii Fit so far, though it is tempting. Is there a weight limit on the scale?

For your air travel, maybe try to get an aisle seat and just mentally prepare yourself for when your seat partner has to get up. I don't fly much, but that is what I would do. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the flight and maybe take a book and something LC to snack on.