Wednesday, December 10, 2008


eeeeeeeeeeee's!!! holy crap they kill me! okay, I'm done yelling. Chai and I had an exhausting workout yesterday. We started out with a 5 minute warm up, from the Biggest Loser dvd. Then revisited an old challenge from when we first started this whole low carb journey, in May.

Challenge: You have 60 seconds to push out as many burpees as you possibly can.

Back in May, I managed a meager 13 burpees, and I was dead to the world for a good five minutes aftreward. Yesterday, I pulled in a surprising 26. Still, not great, but man, I'm happy enough to have doubled the amount I can do in one minute. By the end of those, I was barely jumping off the ground, my legs were exhausted. But I finished with a lot more than I was expecting, and still shows off how bad my cardio is.

Chai on the other hand just about TRIPLED the amount of burpees she was able to do! :) I'm so proud of her. Even more impressive, after the burpees challenge, she hopped on the treadmill and kicked ass on that too. While she jogged, I lifted some weights, and did push ups, etc. Got in a good upper body workout.

I'm tired today. :)

4 refreshing comments:

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue. What is a burpee? :)

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

a burpee is a brutal exercise.
You start standing up, squat down, till your hands are on the floor, then kick your feet out behind you into a push up position, jump both legs up back under your shoulders, stand up and jump as high as you can, both hands over your head. Rinse repeat lather, sweat and feel your cardiovascular system collapse. :) haha

I try and do the ultimate burpees until I can't do the push up's anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! No thank you! I think that one will have to wait forever for me!
Good for you for doing that! Way to go!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

They really are great cardio, and you can do them as slow as needed. I try and do them as fast as possible, but you really don't need to. IF needed, instead of jumping your feet back, you can put one back, then the other, it makes it a bit easier and still gives you a whole body cardio workout. They sure do tire you out real fast though.