Monday, December 15, 2008

More bitchin'

The weekend was bad enough, then this morning.. my car is dead! Loverly.
Then I get to work, and my computer is dead. Extra loverly!

I have to wait until tomorrow when Joel is home to get my car to the mechanic, since he has AAA and I do not. Otherwise, I'd have to pay $115 to tow my car about 3 miles up the street. lame-o.

Aaanyway. Done my bitchin'

It's Monday, and I haven't weighed myself since Thursday! Amazing!
I am feeling "thinner" which typically means I have gained weight. (don't ask, it's weird)
So, I think I will wait as long as possible before I have Fatty unearth the scale for me. It's Special Lady Time™ this week, so maybe I will wait aaaaaaalll the way until next week to weigh myself.

Oh man, that will take some will power!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

what is "special" lady time? mine is going to be this week too.

and i understand your comment - whenever i feel thinner, i get on the scale, and i'm up a pound. sucks.

Melissa said...

must be all the gas that makes you bloaty. gas goes away, you gain weight. remember brad's theory?