Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whew, what a weekend

So this post will not be entirely low-carb related. Sorry! :-)

Thursday night, we had one hell of an ice storm here. It took out power lines for MILLIONS of people. We lost power on Thursday night. Driving down the road Friday morning was eery. It looked like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. All trees, encapsulated in ice were strewn across roads, driveways, lawns, and houses. Those that didn't break were so heavily burdened that they lie flat to the ground. Patches of woods looked like they were made entirely of crystal and glass.

Houses were all pitch black inside which made the whole world seem abandoned.

My short drive to work was frightening. I had to drive through trees balancing on power lines, over splinters and trunks in the road. Branches were falling as I drove past them. When I got to work, we had power there, thank goodness.
And it was the day of our company Christmas party!
We had an early release, out at 2 so we could all pretty up before the Dinner Cruise in Boston. Fatty and I headed to my house to get ready. But Dang! Power was still out there.
We had to grab all our things and drive back to work to get ready there (luckily, we have a shower at work!)
Arriving back at the office, we were not-so-pleasantly-surprised to see that we'd now lost power at work too. It was dark out now, and we could see that the office had one emergency hallway light on.
I starting to get undressed, in the middle of my work hallway, by the dimmest emergency light, listening to the dead alarm beep.
Just about to put on my dress, and BAM. Emergency light burns out. Lovely.
Long story short, we got dressed by cellphone light. I had messy hair, barely done makeup, I hadn't a clue if my dress was on backwards, or if my boobs were tucked in properly.
They couldn't get our limo out of the garage because of the lack of electricity, so we had to pile into a big ugly van.
All in all, I had a fun night. The cruise was nice (cheesy at points, but nice) and I assumed that I'd come home to a lit house.


Without electricity I have no water and no heat. I can't use the toilet, or the stove. It was 35 degrees all day inside, and at night, it was about 18 degrees. All hotels were packed, and everyone else I knew was in the same boat.
It was a nightmare. But I am happy, and so lucky to be back up now. Joel's friend Pavel and his parents stayed with us last night, because their power is still down. And may be for several more days.

This is what my house looked like -

My fish, General Jelly Jams was dying because his water was so cold. We heated him up with candles, and took his temp witha meat thermometer. Our efforts were worth it, because it seems to be doing much better now.

I didn't have the heart to leave my puppies alone in the freezing house, so although I should have been out, staying warm myself, I stayed home with them, all bundled up and did some christmas wrapping :-)

And because I feel guilty writing about something other than Low Carb in this blog.. I will say that I ate perfectly on the dinner cruise (despite how tasty the dessert trio looked!), I ate well all weekend, despite not being about to cook, or eat anything out of the fridge! I exercised a little bit (including dancing on the cruise! :-)) and doing random work outs throughout the house to stay as warm as possible.

I hope you all had a warmer weekend than me!

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Melissa said...

yah, it was nasty. mom and meme just came over here to take showers, they still don't have any power. work is out of power too, so i'm at home today.

did everyone like your pretty necklace??? oh, and i hope that awesome wrapping job was on MY present!

Chai Latté said...

The necklace was a HUGE hit! I am glad I had it to distract from how disheveled I looked, otherwise! lol