Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New goals

I'm sticking with the open ended format on this one, much like the 5 pound/10 pound goal for myself and Chai respectively. I'm trying to find more stuff to help keep me motivated, and what better than setting goals? Here's a few of my new ones.

100 burpees challenge: The challenge is to perform 100 burpees as fast as you can, and record your time. The real challenge is finishing 100 burpees, living to tell about it, and then... improving your time. :) Sounds like fun. haha

6 Minute Mile: This one is going to take a long time. I know I can jog a 10 minute mile, and can probably shave a little time off that, but eventually, I want to hit that 6 minute mile mark.

100 push ups: Consecutively, no rests, and no sets. Right now, I think I'd be lucky to bang out 20.. :/

Those are the three that are in my head right now, I'm sure I'll have more later. What are you're open ended goals?

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