Thursday, January 8, 2009

AB-solutely great

Worked on my core like I said I would. Whew, two kick ass days in a row. Lots of ab workouts last night. Side bends, sit-ups, bicycle kicks, and a few other exercises I don't know what to call. Good stuff, I used the medicine ball when I could. I must have done a pretty good job, I'm a little sore today, which means I'll be feeling it real good tomorrow. Tonight, some lower body stuff and plenty of heart popping cardio boxing. I'm eating well, maybe a little less than I should be, not entirely sure though. I plan on buying a food scale and actually working on portion control at home. I haven't been eating till I'm stuffed, just till I'm not hungry. I'm feeling pretty good about this week in general, I'm really stepping up my exercise, and I'm not cheating at all really with the diet. Even with beverages, I've had maybe one to two diet sodas per day. That's a BIG accomplishment for me. I've been trying to stick to water and crystal light type flavor packets.

*lifts up my water* Here's to staying motivated and on track. :)

4 refreshing comments:

Chai Latté said...


To water!

Ammy said...

**toasting you with water**

Way to go! Sounds like you are REALLY workin it! That's how progress is made.
I look forward to hearing how things are going.

ps...don't undereat too much or too often, it can really mess with your metabolism and can cause you to gain!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Carbs-and-Exercise Ass Kicker!!!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

I never intend to under eat, but I'm not a big fan of snacking. I can definitely tell when I'm running on the treadmill and I haven't eaten enough, and stuff like that. To be perfectly honest, when I'm watching what I eat carb wise, it's really hard to get above 1,500 calories. Unless I start eating cake..... mmmmm cake... lol