Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm burnin' up baby!

I'm currently in between jogs . . . so I am updating!

I need to take a good 10 minute break between each 1/4 mile to let my throat stop burning. It's amazing how much it hurts, and then.. it's gone. fine. ready for more.

I ate too much today. Carb count was fine, but my calories were high, and I ate when I wasn't hungry. Not so great.
I stopped the cycle though, when I was *thisclose* to unpeeling a banana and I put it down. Whew!

It's lady time, and my weight fluctuations are through the roof. Yesterday, I was 234.5 today I was 239.5. I feel so gross and blubbery. Everyday I am hyper aware of my weight, how I look and how I must be perceived. And then, just like average sized people, I have "fat" days, when I feel even more gross than usual. Today was one of those days. Sad and twisted as it is, it was only worsened by multiple people at work complimenting me on my looks. That should boost my confidence, right?
Well, it doesn't. It just draws attention to the fact that people are looking at me. That I am not completely invisible like I wish I were.

Well, time for round 2! ding ding!

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Melissa said...

But DUDE. We're not gonna go out of our way to tell you that you look amazing if we think you look all "gross and blubbery." :) If they're saying it, then they mean it! So just stop thinking bad! Stop it right now! Don't make me beat you up :)