Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mmm dinner

I made bacon wrapped scallops for dinner. Mmmm so good. As Fatty said... there is something very odd, and surreal about working out for almost 2 hours, and sitting down to a meal of bacon. lol. It was tasty though!

Afterwards, I made a very delicious dessert. I made a lemon vanilla mousse, with a handful of fresh blueberries, sliced up sugar free orange poundcake and a square of Ghirardelli extra super dark chocolate.

Jealous?? Yah, I don't blame you.

Great work out tonight, too. We did full upper body, I did some side abs, some treadmillin' too.
Fatty did AMAZING on the treadmill. I'll let him tell you himself, but holy cow. When he said was ready and motivated... he was NOT joking.

3 refreshing comments:

i.am.jenn said...

Congrats on the awesome work out to both of you!

Your scallops are pretty... Makes me wish I liked seafood.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I AM jealous of your dessert.

smbdysheine said...

way to go on the work out!

and now i have to fit in some to go to the store because i must have that dessert :)