Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day back

I'm a little sore. Honestly less than I thought I would be. :) I definitely pushed myself pretty good yesterday, and I'm happy with it. Chai and I started off with a little bit of stretching and puppy chasing/petting. We quickly moved onto the weights, for a good upper body workout. Curls, tricep extensions, push ups, some bent over rows, stuff along those lines. We tried to hit all the major muscle groups for upper body, then it was cardio time. Chai kicked ass with her 1/4 mile time, and handed the treadmill over to me, while she went to go start dinner. I made a deal with myself as I stepped onto the treadmill. You give up, and I'm gonna kick your ass. Now let me first mention, I'm a quitter, I give up on things when they get tough, I don't mean it, and I don't like it, but I do. I fold under pressure, and I give up when I think I can't do something. I told myself if you can't oush through this, you're a pussy. It worked! :) I started off with a dead set plan of a 10 minute mile, and I'd figure it out from there. Well, I hit that 10 minute mile(10:06 because the treadmill needed to get up to speed) and I kept going. for another 10 minutes! Two 10 minute miles back to back, somewhere around the 11 minute mark, I started cramping up on the right side under the ribs. Did I stop? HELL NO! I pushed through it, and finished the second mile. After mile 2 I slowed the treadmill down to 4.0, for a brisk walk to catch my breath, drink a little water and let the cramp go away. 1/4 mile later I jumped it back up to 6.0 to finish out the 30 minutes. 2.75 miles I think at that point, walked out for another 3 minutes (4.0 I think) to finish 3 miles in just under 33 minutes. A new record for me. :)

Tonight, I'm taking the momentum from last night and following through with it and kicking some ass with abs tonight. I've got my 8lbs medicine ball and a bunch of core exercises in my brain. That's more than enough to make my tummy sore. :) Now I've just got to think of some decent indoor cardio to do at my apartment for afterwards. I don't have any machines at home, and the weather sucks right now. :/

Long winded post today, but I was proud, so I had to share it. :) Let's all keep motivated and show our bodies who's the boss! (In my case, I'd say Alyssa Milano ;))

4 refreshing comments:

smbdysheine said...

woo hoo! good for you. you own that treadmill.

i love me that tony danza haha, i'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Good job whoopin' up on that treadmill!!!!

Chai Latté said...

insane in the membrane on that treadmill.
I can't believe you're not DEAD today.

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

I'm feeling the burn in my quads and stuff today pretty good. Not enough to stop me though! :)