Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Washed ashore

Well just feeling like a beached whale really. My apartment has been leaking worse than the Titanic, so I finally got my landlord to let me move to another apartment for the same rent. I haven't been sleeping well at all, and it's really affected my will to stay awake, let alone workout. I've still been eating mostly well, drinking lots of water, that sort of thing. But lack of sleep does tend to demotivate me. Long story short, I've been slacking on the exercise, after I move, that's going to change. Hopefully I can rearrange the new living room well enough to give more room to exercise. I have also come to the conclusion I probably don't eat enough. Not good. But it really is hard to eat more when I'm not hungry. I get very few calories from liquids, so that doesn't help with my low caloric intake. I'm not about the start drinking non-diet sodas and the like to increase my calories, so don't worry. ;) This year is definitely a work in progress. No excuses though(even though that's pretty much what this post is, is a giant excuses). No more damned excuses, no more being lazy. :/

4 refreshing comments:

Ammy said...

I think "not eating enough" is a common problem when eating Low carb!
If you are meeting your protein needs, then adding in fats shouldn't be too hard??
Cook with oil.
Use butter when needed.
Eat RED meat instead of all lean cuts.

No matter what, just keep on keeping on...and I'm glad to hear about the "move" coming up! Better than swimming in your sleep!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Yeah, I do tend to eat a lot of meats, it's more of a problem trying to find snack type stuff in between meals. I tend to have a very small breakfast too. I haven't been gaining, so I'm not too concerned. :)

Ol' Man said...


Would a Slim Fast or something like that fit in the slow-carb scheme? It might be something that would help solve the nutrition and still keep you on track...

Now.. Beer is good for that but then you loose a buck a day and I loose a lot of beer on Friday!!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Gahhh Ol' Man!!!! LOSE LOSE LOSE!!!!!! Jerko ;) Unfortunately Slimfast is pretty high in sugars, I haven't looking in some of the protein shake type things, but most of those are made with milk, which is pretty high in carbs. I'll figure something out... without the beer. lol