Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not an elephant at all

I really hate being so forgetful.
I took the time to cook some eggs this morning (hard-boiled) so that I could take them with me for breakfast. I packed them up neatly. And then left them on the kitchen counter as I drove off to work.

I do this stuff constantly. How is it possible for me to remember every word of every song I've heard, kindergarten teachers, things that happened when I was 2 or 3... but I can't remember to bring my own breakfast? Ridiculous.

I did, however, remember to put goop in Corgi's ears. Took her to the Doggy Dermatologist yesterday. I'm feeling slightly bamboozled after the $800 bill I paid for ONE VISIT. They want her to come back for $1330 more worth of tests/surgeries.
Basically, all they told me was "she has allergies" But even that was a little hard to get out of them. I actually feel like maybe I dreamt that. I can't remember actual words of an actual diagnosis.
Anyway. The good news is, Corg is fine. She's super healthy on the inside, she just has some kind of reaction happening in her skin and ears. She needs an insane amount of attention (pills, shampoos, ear cleanses, ear meds - all multiple times a day) But, I love that little chunk, so it's fine. :-)

Back to low carb stuff.... nothing really to report. Did only a half-assed work out last night, since my knee was really bothering me. Feels much better today so even though I'll get home late tonight, I should be able to get in a decent work out.

Sure wish I had some eggs for breakfast, though :-(

3 refreshing comments:

Anonymous said...

Sorry your sweet Grump Truck is not so healthy. :( That bites.

Congrats on sticking with the work outs. I wish I had time. I'm trying to make it but it'll be better when I understand my schedule. :D

Dina said...

This might be a stupid question, but you have a corgi? I have a Pembroke corgi (who also needs constant goop in his ears and has seizures). Oh yeah, and he has some weight problems like me too :)

I'd love to see pics.

Chai Latté said...

Hey Dina, yay Corgi friends! jenn (who commented right above you) have a new baby corgi! Soooo cute :-)

I am sure you can see some pics of my corg if you go back a few entries.. I seem to always be posting pictures of her! She's the prettiest :-) I'd like to see yours too!!