Monday, February 9, 2009

Gauntlet of Chocolate

Holy jeebs.

Today is Brownie Throwdown day at the office. I just walked into the kitchen, and was hit with a table full of singing sirens of brownies. Brownies with caramel, brownies with marshmallows, brownies with cream cheese... man oh man! (all I can hear in my head is "these are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiingsss"

All I get is the question - "Will you eat a brownie, or are you being GOOD?" "Just a bite?" etc. etc.

No. I will not be eating a brownie, or even a nibble of a brownie. I won't even allow calories to be absorbed through my nasal cavity by sniffing a brownie. The answer, is no!

I was filling my water bottle, when a co-worker was nomming on a square of chocolaty confection. A coworker that I *thought* was known for eating a healthy diet. Anyway, he asked if I made a brownie. "Nope," I said, "I don't eat brownies".
"Neither do I" he said, "but today, I am!"
Haahah It doesn't work that way for me. If I changed the rules everyday, they wouldn't be rules at all.

I don't judge him, or anyone here, for eating the brownies. They are all a healthy weight, and capable of controlling themselves in a room full of goodies.

I am not, on either account.

Walking away from the smörgåsbord empty-mouthed, I was rewarded.

A voice from behind, I heard say "skinnier and skinnier, everyday"

It is nice when people notice... it's extra nice when I am reassured on a day like today, when temptation is everywhere!

We're also having a pizza luncheon today. My solution? I made giant salads to share with everyone.

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Anonymous said...

You are my hero!

love you.. mom