Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not a perfect day.

Went slightly over on calories today. I had it all planned out perfectly, but then, I was all alone for a few hours and I ate 300 calories over my plan. So I ended up with 1,788 in calories, 100g in carbs. Which is not awful, but it's not great that I ate with my emotions and not with my mind! Got in a good work out despite my sad tum, but still only managed to burn 268 calories in my 20 minute DVD. I put on my hardest one, and it ended up being shorter and easier than I remember. Which must mean that I am getting stronger!

I am exhausted from not sleeping last night, but my tummy isn't any better off than it was then. So it's going to be another looong night :-(

But in good news! I had a lovely day with Melissa today, and had a faaabulous sashimi lunch.

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smbdysheine said...

i hope your tummy felt better last night or you at least got some good sleep. i hate when my body is seemingly angry at me.