Friday, February 27, 2009

Pretty good...

I haven't been too bad lately. I've actually been working out more consistently, 4 days straight this week with some form of exercise. :) Tonight is probably an off day, due to lack of opportunity to workout. Overall pretty good lately. I've been holding steady right around 199. I still don't have a cardio machine at home yet, so I'm borrowing a couple dvd's from Chai.

Chai's focus bag is awesome! Tons of fun and a good workout. It's not very good for working on combo's, but it's great for making sure you move your feet, or at least keep your hands up, otherwise you might catch the bag to the face. lol

I also want to mention Cinematic Titanic. If you haven't heard of them, but like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, check it out! It's hilarious. It's a bunch of the people from MST3K, doing the same stuff, riffing on old bad B movies. The just did a live show which was absolutely hilarious. A few other members of MST3K have a different project called Riff Trax. They do the same thing, but personally, they aren't nearly as funny as CT. If you ever have a chance to see Cinematic Titanic live though, I'd highly recommend you do so. :)

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Lori said...

Don't forget The Film Crew - 2 more MSTK members with their own spin off. You can find them on Netflix!