Monday, February 9, 2009

Slightly redundant

I was going to just post a comment on Chai's post about the brownies here at work, but I wanted to add a little something. First off, I'm extremely tempted to just try a small bite of each tasty morsel. I'm NOT going to. Now that that's out of the way, is it me, or is it easier to resist temptation when there's more people around? When I'm at home, it's so easy to talk myself into eating something I know isn't on my diet and I shouldn't have. If I'm at work and there's a mountain of brownies, but also a bunch of coworkers, all of which know I'm eating low-carb, it's much harder to justify it to myself that a couple bites won't hurt.

On a semi-related note, why do people constantly think they know what I need? ex.)
"You're too skinny, you NEED to eat more."
"You don't need to diet."

You ever think, maybe I WANT to? meh... just a quick gripe about how noone is ever happy. lol You're either too fat, or two skinny in everyone elses eyes. Not like I'm good in my eyes either, but my eyes are the ones I need to please.

FYI, not very many people NEED to diet, many people should, to be considered healthy. If you can function in society without the assistance of others for basic needs, you probably don't need to diet. It's never a bad idea though. :)

I think the word need is as bad/strong of a word as hate. It's very much overused. Myself included.

Okay, rants over, you can now return to your regularly scheduled fun postings by Chai, I've put my soap box away. :)

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Susan said...

Totally easier to eat when no one is around. Those pop-tarts go down sooooo easy on a Friday when I am home, the boys are napping, and no one sees me eat them. :-)

Chai Latté said...


Melissa said...

Here's the thing. Even if you don't need to diet, everyone needs to eat healthy. Why do people think its acceptable to push unhealthy food on you, whether you're on a diet or not? You don't NEED to eat a brownie. You might NEED to eat a turkey sandwich, but not a brownie.

smbdysheine said...

my response got long winded.

in summary, i agree with your soap box rant.

and i also love (read used to love) pop tarts.