Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am sitting here with a blank blogger draft open, and absolutely nothing comes to mind to write about. But I know I want to update! No one likes a slow blogger! :-)

Last night Melissa took me out for a Thank You For Being The Best Maid Of Honor Ever dinner. (I named it that myself, hope she doesn't mind!). It was really nice, and I was somehow able to contain myself! I had planned for extra calories and carbs throughout the day, but I ended up not needing them. I had my favorite iceberg wedge salad, and a guinness braised short rib, served on polenta. It was heavenly! We took a picture of it because we thought it was funny how it looked like a dessert! :-)


I didn't even order a diet coke!

Tried on my dress for the wedding again (had to try on shoes with it!) and it made me sad, thinking about how much more weight I had expected (hoped) to lose before I had to wear the dress. I was so ridiculously unrealistic when I picked out this particular dress. Enough about that, though!

What else?

My Mom is doing good. She's past the 6 week mark after her gastric bypass surgery and she is doing well. She's exceeded 30lbs lost already, and she weighs less then me! She passed me like a hare to a turtle!

I am so happy for her and so proud that she's doing well. But of course it also frustates me further, with how slow I am losing. :-/ What can ya do!?

I think that is all the flabberty jabber blabber I can muster right now. But hey, I updated! :-)

2 refreshing comments:

Oct said...

It does look like a dessert. In fact I was hoping it was another one of those chocolate lava cake recipes (low carb of course). A braised short rib over polenta sounds equally yummy though.

Don't obsess about the dress. I've always heard that the most successful way to lose weight is not to lose it for an occasion, just lose it at your own pace and for your whole life, not for one day. I'm sure you will look beautiful regardless!

Melissa said...

Quit yo jibba jabba :) Heheh. :)

Dinner was so yummy, and I think that you named the night perfectly! You need to post a picture of your awesome necklace. I think I have one in my email somewhere :)

Oh, and don't get so discouraged by Mommy - you can't compete with that! :)

Wait til we're running together this summer, you'll see that weight fly off. I believe it!