Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweaty Freddy

Just finished watching a very inspiring episode of Biggest Loser from this week. The contestants had to go home and run a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles)

These people are still my size, or even larger and they completed it! I can't even jog ONE mile yet! That is motivation for sure. So I immediately put on my sneaks and hopped on the treadmill. My goal was to shoot for a mile. Last time I tried to jog a mile I was very pleased with my .66 of a mile, this time I went for .84! Getting closer and closer each time!

I'll be running a mile in no time, and then 2, or 3! Then, by the Summer, I'll be able to jog right alongside Miss Melissa, and Fatty! :-)

I simply wish I had motivation like this every night. I mean.. I try to work out every night, and thats awesome in itself, but to REALLY feel it, and believe in it... it almost makes it enjoyable and I wish I could feel that every time.

I'm tired! Once I stop sweating long enough to shower off... I am going to BED!

5 refreshing comments:

smbdysheine said...

i just watched that episode tonight, and i agree on it's motivational power. the crying brother almost put me over the edge.

woo hoo .84!

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

jogging along side me?!?! I doubt it!Keep up at this rate and you'll be jogging right past me while I take a nap in the gutter.

Chai Latté said...

Haha i doubt that! Even when you're not workin out like crazy, you can still handle a good jog :)

It'll be nuts when Mom comes up and laps us! hah

Chai Latté said...

Omg, heine! I know. The brother broke my heart!!

And, finishing 13/1 miles straight at their sizes? Unbelievable, I have never in my life felt accomplishment like that, they must feel amazing!

Melissa said...

Wow! You are doing so good with the jogging! You keep getting longer and longer :) I'm so proud of you! :) Good work, keep it up! We'll be running partners this summer, for sure. And we should bring the puppies and they can run along side us!