Monday, March 9, 2009

The straps are loose.

My seatbelt on the wagon has come unhinged.

I haven't fallen off. I haven't even rolled toward the back. I've just become unhinged!

I can feel myself so discouraged that I want to eat something! Plus, Joel is going away on Thursday, which triggers my old binge-when-noone-is-looking feeling.

I will do my best to stay in control. In the meantime.. I really need to find a boost in motivation somewhere. I thought that the countdown to the wedding would be that Uumph I needed, but it's done the opposite. It's made me resign to the fact that I won't have lost anything by then.

This weight loss business is obnoxious. Let me just say that!

But I will never, NEVER give up.

In good news, it's already been 6 days of drinking only water! I have had 2 (8oz) black coffees, and the rest has been pure water!

6 refreshing comments:

Oct said...

Don't fall off! *Reaches out a hand for you to grab*. I was just thinking yesterday about how so many people have a bad day so they eat. Eating doesn't make a bad day better! Sticking to your plan makes a bad day better. In the evening, when the bad day is done, you will be in bed thinking to yourself that you just want to go to sleep and forget about they day and start over fresh tomorrow. OR you will be there thinking how horrible the day was, but how proud of yourself you are for not allowing that to effect your progress. Bad days happen. I have plenty of them! They have nothing to do with your progress, they are not an excuse to cheat, there is no comfort in cheating other than that small amount of time it takes to chew and swallow.

I'm not good at pep talks. Just know that there are understanding people here and we all wish you good days and the best success. No matter how long it takes to reach your goal, success is in the progress.

Melissa said...

Excellent on sticking to your drinking challenge! That's tough - water gets so boring after awhile. Are you using crystal light packs at least to make it more flavorful? That reminds me, I need more of those lemonade ones! :)

I lost motivation over the winter...but hitting the 2 month mark kind of kicked me in the butt that if I want to look good on the day, I have to get it in gear to lose those last few pounds. Granted, I only had a few to lose, but I still needed something to push me. The new treadmill has really helped too. And it helps that I am actually enjoying the WW program (and its easy to do).

Lori said...

Wallow for a bit if you need to, but don't make it for long. You have your whole life to get and stay fit - you can do it!

Chai Latté said...

Thanks! And nope, no crystal light for me! That'd be the same as soda!

I don't really have anything against the artificial sweeteners, but I've heard so much about them halting weight loss, and I never *really* tried to go without them.

So, just an experiment. Also, A lot of people say that they actually learned to like water after forcing it down for a good period of time. So I am praying that will happen to me! :-) 'cause blech! I hate water!

Dina said...

Yeah, it can be a total drag. Don't give up though, you can totally do it! And great job on just drinking water!

Lisa said...

Good for you for drinking all that water. I am trying to do the same.. but I do love a diet coke!