Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What CAN we do for 30 days?

My latest post got me thinking... I know I can't magically make my body lose a lot of pounds in just one month... but what can I really stick to, for just 30 days?

So I am presenting myself with a 30-Day Challenge. I thought some of you might want to do the same. With just 30 days, every single day counts, and I like thinking that way.
Otherwise, I start to get comfortable, and think.. eh, so what if I eat a *little* too much, or not work out today.. I'll do it the rest of the week. But picking the short time of 30 days, every day must be PERFECT! No exceptions.

For the next thirty days I will -

• Only drink water or black coffee/tea.

• Exercise every single day. On "rest" days (because I know we all need them) I will do yoga, pilates, or stretching for at least 20 minutes.

• Only weigh in on Wednesdays!

Thats it. 3 very simple rules. Leave me a comment, tell me what YOU are going to do for the next 30 days. Challenge yourself, and don't make me do this alone! :-)

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Melissa said...

Well, I'm kind of already in the midst of a challenge so I don't think I can really follow along, but I love your challenge goals - you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't change how you feel... BUT.... You are SO beautiful!!! And you have so much style and a loving presence about you. Trust me ... noone sees you as you see yourself. I'm so sorry that you see yourself through "fat" eyes. The rest of us see you as you are... GORGEOUS!!!

love you soooo much, mom

Melissa said...


smbdysheine said...

i want to challenge too! and i'm kinda scared to pick what to do... i'll brainstorm today and pick something.

that only water or tea rule sounds intense. you are down to business.

Dina said...

The list is doable to me, except the not weighing in every day. My scale has a force field that draws me to it every morning. I can not resist :)

smbdysheine said...

10 days later... i'm starting the couch to 5k thinigy and i think in order to actually do it... i have to make it a challenge. so that's my goal for the next month, stick to it.

hope all is well with you!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

I totally agree with you that we all need manageable, realistic time frames to help us stay on track!
BTW loving your blog design and your style!