Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I forgot my breakfast this morning :-( And now I am saaaad, and hungry!
To top it off, today is another Office Cooking Throwdown : Macaroni & Cheese edition!
So I have to smell and see mac & cheese all day, while I am starving!

Cruelty, in the highest degree!

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Oct said...

I hate when I forget my lunch! Leaving without breakfast isn't possible since I eat that before I go to work. :)

Anyway, I looked up carb/cal for mac & cheese and it looks like on average it runs about 200 calories and 30 carbs for a 2oz serving (regular serving size for a side of Mac&Cheese. If your co-workers are homecooking, who knows what ingredients they will use, but going with the average is probably better than going hungry!