Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Letter to body, 2009

I seem to write one of these every year. Here's for 2009 :)

Dear Body,

Hi. How are you doing? Sore, I'm sure. I feel you.
So listen, I want to level with you. I know it's been hard this week, I know that I've been asking even more from you than usual. I want to thank you for giving it to me. I know it is difficult, painful, and time consuming. . . but I REALLY appreciate it.
I realize that the only time I am attentive to you is when I am trying to change you. I apologize for that, but I am doing this for the both of us. If you are healthy, I am happy. And if I am happy, I will thank you, pamper you, and enjoy you like I should have been all along.

You are stronger than I give you credit for, I'm sure you've just been waiting for me to recognize it. Well, I do. I'm proud of you. Let's make strides together.
Lets run more miles together. Let's do push ups, and learn how to cartwheel.

I know I hold you back a lot of the time. It's because I don't want to see you get hurt. But we have to get hurt to get strong sometimes.

It'll be a good year, Body. You trust me, I'll trust you. We'll make it work.


2 refreshing comments:

My 3 Month Challenge said...

That's a really, really nice post you wrote and I feel you so much!! I was feeling negative about myself late last night coming home from the gym, and this post really made by day. I need to talk to myself like this more. Thanks for the great reminder :> :>
And you are doing awesome!! (I wanna learn how to cartwheel too)

Chai Latté said...

Thank you. I was hoping I'd get a comment on this one. I think I need to go back and read it once a day!

Write one to your own body! :-)