Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Salty sweat

Wow, what a workout.I can definitely see now how having a trainer helps. I did things tonight that I was 100% positive that I could not do.

Also weighed in, and I am exactly the same. But, I am 3lbs up according to their scale. Which totally sucks. Same weight at home, 3lbs up there, and that's going on the competition board :-( Not a good week!

Feeling great though. Got my meal plan for the week approved by Heather. Got some nice words from her. She's very encouraging, which is really nice. We had originally planned to meet at 8:15pm this week. Apparently, her boss asked her why she'd do that, because she'd never offered that late of an appt to anybody.
And she said -" I told him I wouldn't do it for anybody. I never have before. But I told him that you are the most determined and motivated person I've met yet. I want to do whatever I can for you. I want to be there"

I don't care if its just because she has to say that stuff. I believe it, and I feel it, and it makes me want to work even harder to prove her right.

I burned 964 calories in my workout tonight.

I pretty much rule.


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Susan said...

I am sure she means it. She probably has to deal with unmotivated people all the time so having you as a client is a dream!

And yes, you do rule!