Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Monday

I thought I would be relieved and relaxed as I returned home from the wedding trip. Instead, my head is spinning as I slowly remember all the things I promised to do "after the wedding!"

I put so much off, and made so many promises, now I have to try to not only remember these things, but make good on them as soon as I can.

It'll sort out, I know. But for now, I feel just as overwhelmed as I did before!


I am excited to head back to Personal Training tomorrow! I feel poised and ready to take this as seriously as I can, and give it my all. I can still make a lot of progress this year, if I just buckle down and focus. Which, is something I feel like I've been doing all along. But obviously I haven't been. I hope I can really push past everything and hit a good stride. We shall see.

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