Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mini Mac

Bry has dubbed my trainer, "Mini Mac" (as in, a tiny mac truck!) :-) She's awesome.

My session was OK tonight. I worked off almost 800 calories again, and I did some new stuff, which was fun... but half way through I got very dizzy and nauseous. Had to sit down multiple times, and couldn't put a lot of effort in at the end.
I know I still did alright, and definitely still got 'my money's worth' for the session. But it is still a bit disappointing.

Better on Thursday, I am sure. I am absolutely loving going there though. I really do feel like it'll be effective for me.

I just need to REALLY get (and keep) my eating in check, and I will be golden.

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MackAttack said...

That's so great you've found a good trainer! I've always toyed with the idea, but hesitate because of the cost. I understand the difficulties of getting the food under control. I always seem to do one and not the other, and switch. oy. Way to go with your workouts!