Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is times like this that I am doubly reminded why I don't ever want kids! I love my pups like children, but I hate when they are as needy/time consuming as kids! Poor Corgi has angry diarrhea, and Zevon won't stop coughing. :-(
I am trying to get them vet appts, taking time off from work, washing Corg's fluffy butt every hour.

(for all involved!)

And while I am sitting here at home with them, I am urged to eat something. Anything. So I think I will go out for a bit and run some errands to distract me. I definitely tend to overeat when I am home alone. I don't know what it is. Like, ultimate freedom to eat whatever I want and not get caught. I don't get it. I'm not hungry, or even bored. It's just...habit, almost.

Ah well, I'll hit it off at the pass. See ya!

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Dina said...

OH NO! Corgi 'rrhea is the pits! Awful! I feel your pain!