Friday, April 10, 2009

Truck Hit!

Exactly how I feel. Like I got hit by a truck! A 5foot2inch truck named Heather. lol

Second session, as awesome as the first. Burned 760 calories! Nutso. It was awesome though, really. I absolutely love my trainer already, and I feel SO great that I am doing this. And she told me everything I wanted to hear. She said I'm going to be a new woman. I am going to get those results I've been dying for. She sees my future she says... and it's fabulous ;-)

My body is screaming. Sore, tired.... GREAT.

4 refreshing comments:

Melissa Vegas said...

Hehehe, sooo good :)

Oct said...

how often will you work out with the trainer? So very cool and congrats on making it through day two!

Lori said...

That's awesome! Glad you are enjoying it!

Chai Latté said...

October, I will be working out with the trainer 3 days a week, mon, wed, fri. tues, thurs, sun i'll do running at home, and Saturday is my sweeeet day off :-)