Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weird for me

I can't *quite* seem to get my eating in check. Well, I guess that is not true. It is in check, it's just not perfect.

Typically, when I am all hyped up and motivated, the eating is ON POINT. And right now, I am so into the exercise, working out as much as I can, SO freakin sore :-) But I am not eating perfectly. I know it'll fall into place. It's just not my usual m.o. So, we'll see. It's been Lady Time™ this week, and I'll blame my cheeseburger craving on that (and Melissa! ;-), it's contageous!)
But, I let myself have a tasty cheeseburger last night, seemed to totally take care of the craving, and then the massive diarrhea took care of the cheeseburger. Haha

Having corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, YUM. And hoping to be back on the *perfect* eating path tomorrow.
I really do want to win this Biggest Loser competition. So, I better get VERY serious, VERY fast!

I guess we're having an official final weigh in party at the gym, June 6th I think. So, it would be VERY embarrassing to weigh in that final weigh in with a crappy result. And we all know that I do not enjoy being embarrassed.

I'm gonna make this happen!

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Melissa Vegas said...

You can do it! Only 2 months, which isn't a ton of time, but I think your new personal trainer is gonna jolt your body off its plateau!