Saturday, May 30, 2009

Angry eyeballs and babies

I'd really like to post right now.... but hmm.. I got nothing to say!

Good training today. Not 1/2 as dead as I expected to be after having 3 buttkickin work outs in a row.
Just goes to show how strong I am getting! *grr flex!*

Was weigh in day, still up, plus another pound or so. I'm getting a little numb to the fact that I am gaining. Which, although its great that I don't let it destroy me... I'd rather that, then get so complacent about it.
It feels unavoidable and inevitable now. And that to me, is a sign of giving up.


I brought Fatty in to see my little gym, and meet Mini-Mac :-) They didn't have much time to talk, since it was my training time, but.. I thought it might be nice for them to put a face to the name, since I talk about each of them to each other so dang much.

Also, there is something wrong with my eye. I guess it's a Sty. I've never had one before, but it seems to fit the description that I read on the internetz. Gotta LOVE self diagnosis by way of the most unreliable source in the world! ;-)
It doesn't seem to be getting worse, so I think I'll survive. But it is bothersome, and it forces me to wear my glasses instead of contacts. I've already forgotten how much exercising in glasses sucks. It was the sole purpose for me getting contacts!
I'll be back in them soon anyway.
Dumb peeper.

In other news.. my good friend Mike, and his wife Angela had a baby boy today!!
Little Cameron is 21 inches long, and 8.8lbs. Had to enter the world via an emergency c-section. But, baby and mommy are better than fine :-) Congrats to my main man, Mike!!
I know you guys all know how much I hate babies and kids. BUT, this does not stop me from being genuinely happy for friends and family who welcome new life to the world. As long as they don't ask me to babysit ;-)

2 refreshing comments:

Kate said...

If what you have is a sty, you can buy some medication OTC that'll fix you right up!

Melissa Vegas said...

I think Cameron #2 weighs the same, and is the same length, as Cameron #1. And almost 1 month apart.

I don't feel old enough to have babies yet!