Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Bee

Busy day today, getting lots done. (yay!)

Lots and lots of cleaning, The good, deep, scrubbing the floors type cleaning.

Made a gigantic batch of salsa for cinco to mayo, yums.

Tons of laundry... haven't put it away yet though, I HATE that part!

And I just took the time to portion out some foods for the week. Hooray for snack-size ziplocs!

Mom and I went to check out a bariatric specific nutrition store in Nashua. very cool. She found lots of goodies! And I bought some stuff too! I got some beef & ostrich jerky sticks (VERY yums), some fiber cereal, some fiber-filled sugar free drink mixes, and some espresso protein mix. I swear, I'll take pics once I can get my camera to be my friend again!

I had to cancel my training session yesterday morning because of my knee. Mom has a knee brace she says I can borrow. We'll see if that helps. I know that it will always be an issue, but making it less aggravated could help.

Time to go grill up some steaks and leeks. YUMS!

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